Error while Processing IdentifySecondaryObjects


So I’m a relative newbie to CellProfiler, but I have managed to use it successfully before to get object intensity for immunofluorescence images. I tried using the same pipeline, and I keep getting this error while processing the secondary objects. It identifies the cell nuclei perfectly fine! Then I tried building a new pipeline/project for the same measurement and it is coming with the same error. Any ideas??

30-10-14.cpproj (530 KB)


The error message indicates (to me at least!) that the two images (DO.tif and D1.tif) are not exactly the same size. In fact, one appears to be color and the other grayscale, so it may not be the X/Y dimensions, but I don’t have the raw images to confirm. In Windows Explorer, you can see the dimensions at the bottom, viewed in Details mode at least.

If one is RGB/color, then in NamesAndTypes you have to change the “image type” from Grayscale to Color.

Hope that helps,