Error using VisBio's Ortho Stack Plugin



I’ve hit a bit of a wall using the VisBio Ortho Stack plugin. I keep getting this error:

Is this a 3D Viewer issue? A Java 6/8 issue? A mac issue? Any thoughts on this one…

I just need to generate a quick figure panel - so any help would be amazing to get this working again.

eta :slight_smile:

Update: when on a PC … gets past the error and the Ortho Stack window opens for a second, but then Fiji crashes. happens repeatedly… thoughts?


I have pushed an update to the LOCI update site that brings the VisBio Ortho Stack plugin up to date with the newer version of Java 3D that we are using now.

To do this, I had to release a forked version of VisAD based on Java 3D 1.6, and then update the visbio-imagej plugins accordingly.

@etarena Please give it a try and let me know how it works for you.


Thank you @ctrueden - it works !!! :slight_smile: