Error using filterpredictions in Windows

When running deeplabcut.filterpredictions(config_path,[r’path-to-video’]) I got this error:

TypeError: expected str, bytes or os.PathLike object, not list

I was wondering if this is due to running on Windows rather than Ubuntu?


will check it out! thanks!

@glanzrm Sorry for taking too long to reply.
But you need to pass the video as a string and not as a list i.e. without any brackets. I tested it at my end on a Windows 10 computer and it seems to work. So, ideally, you would write the command as


Hope that helps!

Thanks! This has started the code, however, it fails to generate a new h5 file.

End of HDF5 error back trace

Unable to open/create file ‘4J1-1 ClipDeepCut_resnet101_FrontApr16shuffle1_580000filtered.h5’

perhaps you don’t have permission to write to that folder? try opening “cmd” as a admin …

also, we are releasing updates this week that will fix the lack of brackets (to make it internally consistent), and will allow easy use of the filtered file with the plotting and video creation, so stay tuned :slight_smile:

I tried that as well and got the same result. For some reason, whenever I get a permissions issue, running the prompt in admin mode doesn’t fix it.

I will just wait for the update and try again then. Thanks!

would you mind posting the full error?

I have also been getting the same error when I tried to install itunes on windows 7 and it failed after that I even tried to fix it with admin privileges but still the same problem again and again.

Sorry for the delay, but the update fixed my issues.