Error - using cat

Hi all,

when trying to export data of a *.mat-file (14MB) there is an error report (s.subject). Please find a screenshot is in the attachment.
Is there any chance to save that i.e. exporting it?
Thanks in advance.


Hi Dominik,

Try the new version of CellProfiler, released just yesterday. That bug should be fixed now.



to export the data using the new version of CellProfiler was not succesful. An error report appeares saying that the file was generated using an earlier version of CellProfiler.
However, thanks for your help.


I thought that might be the case. So, you can try these:
(1) Export only the data you need i.e. uncheck boxes in the ExportData dialog, starting with the ‘Image’ data, which is usually the most troublesome. If you don’t need this data, then you’re all set
(2) These errors are usually the result of zero objects being identified in an image, so you could change your settings to always identify at least one object, or remove the offending image. I realize these are not optimal solutions, of course.
(3) You can re-run your analysis with the new version, and then export, which should work now.

Good luck,