Error using bioformats with czi images



Hello !
I have beginner question about bioformat concerning czi files. I try to read some metadata in my file and i start using ImageReader(). I have no problem with tiff files, but with czi i got the following one :

14:48:30.820 [main] DEBUG loci.formats.FormatHandler - 3i SlideBook SlideBook6Reader library not found. Please see for details.
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: null
at ~[formats-gpl-5.1.5.jar:5.1.5]
at java.base/java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method) [na:na]
at java.base/java.lang.Class.forName( [na:na]
at loci.formats.ClassList.( [formats-api-5.1.5.jar:5.1.5]
at loci.formats.ClassList.( [formats-api-5.1.5.jar:5.1.5]
at loci.formats.ImageReader.getDefaultReaderClasses( [formats-api-5.1.5.jar:5.1.5]
at loci.formats.ImageReader.( [formats-api-5.1.5.jar:5.1.5]
at gred.nucleus.test.bioformatTest.main( [classes/:na]
14:48:31.028 [main] DEBUG loci.common.NIOByteBufferProvider - Using mapped byte buffer? false
14:48:31.040 [main] INFO loci.formats.ImageReader - ZeissCZIReader initializing /home/user/etc/ImageTEST/20180919_psf_63x_b_z 0_2-04_STACK13-25.czi
14:48:31.041 [main] DEBUG loci.formats.FormatHandler - ZeissCZIReader initializing /home/user/etc/ImageTEST/test_bille/20180919_psf_63x_b_z 0_2-04_STACK13-25.czi
14:48:31.041 [main] DEBUG loci.formats.FormatHandler - 0_2-04_STACK13-25.czi)
14:48:31.137 [main] INFO loci.formats.FormatHandler - Unknown segment type: MM * �

I checked , so should i convert my files in tiff to get my information ?

Best ,



Hi @Titus,

sorry for the delay here. Although fairly verbose, most of the [logging information in the console](see about the 3i Slidebook reader is displayed at the DEBUG level and should be safe to ignore.

Are you encountering specific issues related to the reading of your .czi files? If that’s the case, the logging indicates you are used an old version of Bio-Formats 5.1.5. If you can afford to download the version bundled in the Java-8 update site, there have been substantial improvements made to this particular reader over the last 3 years



Hi ,

Thank you Sebastien, it’s looks like working with a more recent version but only if i have the jar in local importation. When i’m using the import by maven my problem is sill there even if i use a more recent version…
Thank you for the DEBUG level suggestion I will check it.