Error upon opening ilastik Could not import tiktorch classifier 1.3.3 post3

Hi @k-dominik,

I’m getting this error:

How do I solve it?


Hello Daniel,

I may be wrong but I think everyone gets this error, Tiktorch is a component that you have to download separately from Ilastik. However, I think this won’t affect Ilastik as it only uses Tiktorch in the latest version of Ilastik for the Neural Network workflow.

Hope that helped,


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Hi @Daniel_Waiger,

I think I tried replying to this in December via email, which obviously failed. Thanks to @Antoine_Cure to clear that up in the meantime.

A little background on this warning:
this is only a warning. The code base of 1.3.3 (no neural network workflow) and 1.4.0 (with neural network workflow) is up to a certain point the same. This warning is just to inform you that the additional dependencies that are needed for the workflow are not included in the distribution. Not a super helpful warning for users.

So in short: in order to not see this warning, install 1.4.0 :). The warning will not go away by downloading the tiktorch (server) component alone. It also needs the client code in ilastik.


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