Error uploading image into Cytomine

I’ve installed Cytomine following the bootstrap procedure on the site’s documentation page and although the WebUI is accessible, I’m unable to upload even a single image into the system and get the below error with no additional info:

can someone help me get past this? Documentation for this package seems sparse so I’m having to consider whether or not it is worth spending time learning it as I don’t want to be stuck down the road when I’ve invested a lot of time on it, although the software does seem quite impressive from the demo and its features list.

Hi @makatx,

Sorry for very late reply. Notifications from imagesc were not activated although we thought they were… Sigh.

Cytomine components are running in Docker containers.
To get the list of running containers:

sudo docker ps

Then to get the logs of a listed component, e.g. the core (the main component):

sudo docker logs core -f

Please try to locate there errors when you try to upload images and copy/paste here.