Error suggesting to check ROIs, BoneJ

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I’m using BoneJ (Slice Geometry) and analyzing a cross sectional image (all grey, white background, jpg). I get this error when I try to run the slice geometry: “No pixels available to calculate. Please check the threshold and ROI.” I’ve searched Help and surfed the ROI posts on this group, but haven’t found a way forward. I have, however, made sure to check the colour of value of the grey and have set the Bone Min and Bone Max accordingly, so that shouldn’t be the problem.
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Okay, I’ve noticed that my jpg image is RGB, but I can’t figure out how to redress this. I tried Image > Convert, but it wouldn’t let me do that.

Me again. I solved it. Image > Type > 8-bit did the trick. Please feel free to add any more elegant or insightful explanations.
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Best to avoid JPG in image processing - it’s lossy. Try PNG instead, or just uncompressed images.