Error saving TIFF files



When I save my images as a TIFF file, ImageJ seems to be altering the images. The images are fine when I view them in ImageJ, but when I open them in NeuronStudio or even simple file viewing programs the images are very dim and faint. I have tried saving them in different ways, and the same thing happens when I save them as RAW files instead of TIFF. Any ideas what is going wrong?

How the image looks in ImageJ vs in any other program


Hi Calli_McMurray,

There is a possibility that this image is automatically adjusted by ImageJ.
And probably you saved as 16 bit tiff image which was not adjusted the range of intensity.
Please convert to 8bit tiff image or adjust the range of intensity on imageJ.
Then, save the image.
Please learn about 16bit, 8bit image, and the range of intensity at original image.(16bit or 12bit and so on)
In order to analyze the image, you should change other type of image based on the original image.



Is the original image captured in 16bits? Please do a histogram of your original image, then do a histogram of the image you say it is wrongly saved and also post both graphs here.


I agree with the suggestion to look at the histograms.
Also, see “The image colors do not match what I see in other programs! ImageJ is wrong!” on this page:

Because the full range of values is typically much less than the maximum—e.g., in the case of a 12-bit detector the actual maximum range is 0-4095, and often even smaller in practice—ImageJ performs autoscaling to show you a meaningful or “pretty good” image by default, which is not just a black square (see previous question). That is: it maps the darkest actual intensity in your data to black, and the brightest actual intensity in your data to white. You can override this mapping using the Brightness/Contrast dialog under the Image :arrow_forward: Adjust menu (shortcut: ⇧ Shift+C).