Error running "Human cells" pipeline

Hello help,

I downloaded and successfully run the “ExampleHuman.cp” basic pipeline (under the example “human cells”).

When I tried to run the same pipeline on a different directory contain my own images named : imdapi003.tiff imgfp003.tiff
I get the following error : "OrigRed not in cropBlue CropGreen OrigBlue, OrigGreen . are you sure you want to continue? "
In a different attempt I had the error : “OrigBlue is not part of…”.

It was unclear from the tutorials / previous postings if there are any rules about the naming / characteristics of the input images .

Can you please advise?

Thank you!


Hi Moran,

Based on your error message, it seems you removed the OrigRed image in LoadImages and didn’t update the rest of the pipeline accordingly? That is, the third Crop module no longer has any input and hence throws an error (that module should also have had a red warning flag next to it prior to trying to run the pipeline). Also, the user-specified names in CellProfiler are case-sensitive, so keep that in mind as you make further changes.