Hi all ,

Hi “martha” i thank you very much for your Email (Source-Code) and your answer about the Homepage — Now i had another question!

when i´m using Cellporfiler to process One gray colored-Cellimage (Yeast) with “LoadSingleImage”, For example by adding modules like(applythreshold, FindeEdges), i get this following messages:

…canceled, because this picture hasn´t 2 dimensions (X vs. Y) … I think, if i could convert this image into a Black+White One, it should work.
– But How can i get this using the modules of the categorie Image processing??

thank you


You should be using LoadImages instead of the LoadSingleImage module. The difference is that LoadImages will load your images after every cycle, where LoadSingleImage will only load the image you specified on the first image cycle. (See the help for more details…)

This should solve your problem. When you use the ApplyThreshold module,it will work properly.