Error opening .lif data with SCIFIO ImgOpener

Hi All,

I’ve just begun exploring coding plugins with ImgLib2 and SCIFIO and I’ve run into some difficulties opening images with the ImgOpener class. Essentially, I’m trying to open a particular image series within a particular file:

public class ImageOpener {
    public static < T extends RealType< T> & NativeType< T>> Img openImage(String path,int series) throws ImgIOException {
        SCIFIOConfig config = new SCIFIOConfig().imgOpenerSetIndex(series);
        return (Img< T>) new ImgOpener().openImgs(path, config).get(0);

I’ve noticed that the above works fine when the dataset to be opened is 2D, but it fails when a 3D stack to be opened. However, if I use Bio-Formats to open the same image, and then wrap in an instance of Img, it works absolutely fine every time:

public static Img openImage(String fileName, int series) throws FormatException, IOException {
    ImporterOptions io = new ImporterOptions();
    io.setSeriesOn(series, true);
    ImagePlus[  ] imps = BF.openImagePlus(io);
    return ImagePlusAdapter.wrap( imps[0] );

I’m guessing I need to specify more configuration options in the SCIFIOConfig object, but it’s really not clear from the API what I should or should not be doing.

Any assistance would be much appreciated,