Error opening files exported by QuPath in Fiji


I encounter a strange problem:
I’m exporting large regions of slides from QuPath (0.2.0-m8) to ImageJ with Extensions=>ImageJ=>Send region to ImageJ
the image is opened in the ImageJ version that comes with QuPath and I save them as tif files.

a current version of Fiji crashes when I try to open these files (which are about 1.8GB). I am using updated version of Fiji (ImageJ 1.52s)

Any hint will be appreciated

Hi @Ofra_Golani, are you able to close the .tifs and then reopen them again within ‘QuPath’s own’ ImageJ?

And do you see any specific error message on attempting to reopen with Fiji, or does it just freeze?

If you need to get your image into Fiji, but it can’t be done all in one go, you might also want to try the TileExporter to break up the region into manageable pieces. I added an example of it in action at Issue with opening big planar 2D images with Bioformats

Thanks Pete,

Sorry for the late response. I am working now with newer versions of both QuPath & Fiji, can’t reproduce the issue.


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