Error on installation - in Debian 10

Kindly guide me how to sort this

Dear @vsnlme108,

Please be respectful and take the time to post a complete issue.

You provide no context for your question, your post has typos (Debian). I had to open the attachment to figure out you were talking about OMERO, but you did not tag omero in your post (I have done so for you now), so the OMERO team cannot know this post is meant for them.

(Disclaimer: I have never installed OMERO myself)

The error also seems to say it all. You are running the installation as the user omero-server, but it seems everything you did before, you did as root, so you probably need to to give read and write rights to omero-server on your omero installation folder.

My remark is is rather generic so I will let the Omero team complete it as needed.


Yes Thanks Issue sorted