Error on "Export to Excel"



I get the following error message when I attempt to import ObjectIntensity measurements to Excel:
"Measurements from a previous version of CellProfiler detected. Processing of this data may require using the same version of CellProfiler that created them. Should an attempt be made to read them anyway?"
I am only using the newest version of CellProfiler (on a new computer, with a new Pipeline), so don’t understand why the message appears.
If I answer “Yes” to the query, the data does get exported (but imperfectly, without object ID#s.
Thanks for your help.


I notice that someone else has noted this problem.
I checked to see what module files my “preferences” were pointing to, and it is what seems to be the correct version: created 11/5/08.



Would you mind uploading your pipeline to the forum so we can check it out? If you have an image that we can run it with, please upload that too.


Hi Mark -
The error comes when I try to export data from the MeasureObjectIntensity module.
It exports OK when I use data from MeasureObjectAreaShape module.
I am attaching the pipeline and one of the source files.
The other one is apparently too large to upload so I’m sending it separately.

Analyze and exportPIPE.mat (867 Bytes)


Hi Bert,

It seems that the warning is appearing for exactly the reason it says it is: There are old measurements that are being exported because the intensity measurements generated by SubtractBackground were never updated for the newest release! This is a bug that we will fix.

To deal with this, I recommend using CorrectIllumination_Correct and _Apply instead. SubtractBackground is a fairly esoteric module, one which we don’t use much ourselves. The pipeline which I am attaching to this post has the CorrectIllumination modules added with settings to give results much as SubtractBackground did (IDPrimAuto found the same number of objects in both cases).

Analyze and exportPIPE2.mat (1.14 KB)