Error occurred in device CMMCore::getImage(): Camera image buffer read failed

We have seen this particular error very randomly. Once last year, but now several times in the past couple weeks. Any thoughts are appreciated.

It also occurs when we use studio’s mm.snapImage() rather than just core’s mmc.getImage()

There are a few instances in the past that suggest it’s the driver (here) and (here)

Our software:

  • This occurs only when scripting using our mm2python bridge (py4j), but I suspect this is not related to that. That script hasn’t changed in years. However, normal MDA operations seem fine.
  • mm2.0 beta 20181001
  • the system was upgraded to windows10 (from windows7) in July 2020. But the script and system saw substantial use in the following months without issue, until about October.

Our hardware:

  • Andor iXON 888 (the camera in use here) (driver SDK installed to mm is from 10/2/2018)
    the actual driver date:

  • Andor SONA (not used)

  • Andor Dragonfly spinning disk system

I have seen those types of error off and on. It certainly sounds that in your case these were started after a Windows update. If Andor has a newer SDK3 available, you could install that and see if it makes a difference. If that does not resolve the issue I would contact Andor support.

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