Error occured when open a nd2 image

When I try to open an nd2 image with ImageJ + bioformats_package plugin. The follow errors prompt out in the ‘exception’ windows box :

ImageJ 1.53c; Java 1.8.0_112 [64-bit]; Windows 10 10.0; 20MB of 5987MB (<1%)
	at loci.common.Location.<init>(
	at loci.common.Location.<init>(
	at loci.formats.FileStitcher.setId(
	at loci.formats.ReaderWrapper.setId(
	at loci.formats.ChannelFiller.setId(
	at loci.formats.ReaderWrapper.setId(
	at loci.formats.ChannelSeparator.setId(
	at loci.formats.ReaderWrapper.setId(

Please help as soon as possible since we need to use the software urgently ! Thanks !

Was the file you were opening on the local machine or was it a remote file being opened via a URl?
Have you seen the same issue with any other files?

local machine ! Windows 10 with a lenovo notebook ! The error occurs for any types of files (nd2, tiff, jpg, png)… Any !

Do you have the email, so I can email an attachment describing the whole process for your reference ???

Hi @huitikho, you can send me a private message on here with any details that cant be made public

As there is an attachment that can be shown the detail step. However, I don’t know how to post the attachment ???

If its an image file, xml or txt file etc then you can drag and drop it into a message on here.
Are the files located in a folder or are they at the root?
Are there any spaces or unusual characters in the file path?

I have included a Github link which contains the detail description of the problem. The file Doc105.docx contain all of these. See if you can download and have a look on it ? Thanks !

Thanks, are you trying to stitch a number of files together? If you are only opening a single ND2 then unselecting Group files by similar name may help.

Thanks ! It works now (open without error) ! Thank you very much !

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