Error "none" on NamesAndTypes Module

Hey there,

I am setting up a new pipeline, and have run into problems with using the NamesAndTypes module. When setting the rules and clicking update, the module is able to find all the images and group them, however when I enter the test mode the following error message appears:
I’m not sure what is causing this error - can anyone shed any light?


Hi Bean, I’ve just ran into this error as well - did you have any luck with resolving it in the end?

Hi there,
It’s not uncommon to have troubles setting up the image sets. Does this blog post help? (and sorry that our security certificate is expired at the moment!):

If not, please post your pipeline so someone can take a look and diagnose! It’s usually something straightforward.


I’m having the same issue as Bean and Becky. 44%20PM That’s what my settings look like. 54%20PM This is the error message I’m getting. I don’t think I’m being too specific though, because each of my groups has 14 images in it that are similar.


Hi all, could someone please post their actual project file and example images so that we could load them up and see what’s causing you trouble?

Hi! I’m having this problem too, and the link you posted above gives a page not found error. My images are png in some channels and .tif in composite.

I’ve removed the .tif files but i am noticing a blank row at the bottom of chart of matched images on the NamesAndTypes tab. could this blank be the “none” in the error? and how do I remove a row that apperas from nowhere?