Error messaige: Unable to build ImageServer for file..... (args=[]) with requested provider qupath.lib.images.servers.openslide.OpenSlideServerBuilder

Hi, hope someone can help,
I have received a project map with annotated slides and stored it on my computer. When I try to open the project map in QuPath it pops up a message saying Unable to build ImageServer for file :/… (args=) with requested provider qupath.lib.images.servers.openslide.OpenSlideServerBuilder
What does it mean, and how can I fix it?
Thanks in advance :smiley:

Which operating system, which version of QuPath, and what file type are your images?

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QuPath 0.2.3
File types images are originally ndpi

I am not sure, generally ndpi files work with Openslide. Try forcing them to open with BioFormats when you import them (in the dropdown menu)? If you are just starting, I would recommend doing this for all images by restarting your project. If an error occurs with the same file using Bioformats, it is likely a problem with the file itself.

Thanks, but I don’t understand - the images are already imported into QuPath and then annotated by me, then sent to my colleague who used the annotated slides to train a network (machine learning / artificial intelligence), then he sent the slides with the automatic predictions back to me, and now I just want to make some adjustments on the automatic predictions / to refine them, for better training… Could it be something with the training/the automatic predictions that hinders me from opening the images ?

Are you both using the same version of QuPath?

Also, what does this mean, and what are the predictions stored as?

Hi MicroscopyRA, problem solved! :laughing: My mistake, I did not “connect” the annotations with the “naked images”

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