Error message when opening fiji after update



Hi all,
I just updated my fiji today (09.Jul.2018) and when I open it I get the following error message (see pic attached):

"Plugin configuration error: HDF5_Viwer-0.12.0.jar
Duplicate command:“HDF5…”, ch.psi.imagej.hdf5.HDF5Reader (already in HDF5_Vibez-1.0.1.jar)

Is there a bug is it just my computer?


I also got this bug time to time.

This is because you have 2 version of the same library, go to your plugin folder and remove one if the HDF5 Viewer.

For Fiji Team, I see this bug several time with my colleagues. In some updates the erase of old library is failing. Maybe the updater could have a safety check, cheking that the file is removed before copying the new jar ?



Yes, you were right, I had more than one HDF5 in the plugins folder!
However, just deleting one of them was not enough, I had to delete all of them and reinstall the plugin - but now the error message is gone.