Error message when loading .avi files

I get the following error message when I try to load .avi files into imagej:


Does anyone know how to solve this problem?


Hi @tompom85,
Please upload an .avi file that produces this error message when you attempt to open it in ImageJ.

Hello and thanks for answering.

I just tried to upload it but it says the format isn’t allowed.

Try uploading the file as a ZIP archive. If that doesn’t work, make it available on a file sharing service.

I put it on a dropbox folder.

Here’s the link:

I can replicate your problem in Fiji and get the same error message (which has been seen before on the forum although the SCIFIO solution does not work in this case).

Just wanted to add that FFMPEG is your friend for video pre-processing or extracting frames from almost any movie. I’ve used it for tracking projects in the past (although with hermit crabs not rodents).