Error message when attempting to run plugins in Fiji. HELP! Java error

I am new to Fiji/ImageJ and I’m trying to process timelapse images of cells. I need to correct for drift in the xy plane during the experiment. I took a z-stack every 90 seconds for 1 hour.
Import >Image sequence >Stack to Hyperstack >Z-project >TurboReg > Error message:

TurboReg_ not up-to-date because 1 source files are not up-to-date (C:\Users\saman\AppData\Local\Temp\java2390072524107115450\src\main\java\

I attempted to uninstall Java 8 and reinstalled Java 6, (I do have the JDK). Still same issue

In more detail:

I am imaging live oligodendrocyte precursor cells in anesthetized and awake animals to look for changes in filopodial dynamics. I have z-stacks (#23 slices, 1um steps) taken every 90 sec for 1 hour (#40 timepoints). I need to be able to correct for drift in the xy plane and z plane.

I can use the 3D Drift tool but it doesn’t correct good enough. Any suggestions on how to fix or how to analyze differently are welcome!

Dear @smantharae,

how exactly did you “install” TurboReg? Could you try to re-download Fiji and enable the BIG-EPFL update site in Fiji via Help > Update > Manage update sites (more details at

You might also need to check if the dimensions of your image are correct after the Stack to Hyperstack step (Image > Properties)…