Error Message: No object files present

I am getting the error message: no object files present when I try to analyze .tif images. Thank you!

Hi Amy,

this messages typically appears when you are trying to perform the parameter calculation before having completed the segmentation. You can check if the segmentation was successful by loading a directory and moving to the right in the file list, where other columns, including information about which images are segmented, are visible (see screenshot below). You can only calculate properties, export or track cubes for images which are segmented.

In case that you get this error message despite successful segmentation please let me know in more detail at which step during the process the problem occurs (which buttons you pressed, the console output etc.). To get an introduction on how to perform segmentation and other analysis steps, you can check out our Tutorials and documentation here: Welcome to the BiofilmQ documentation! — BiofilmQ @ Drescher lab. Feel free to post again in case you encounter any questions :smiley: