Error Message in Classifier



When the “Grab Cells” button is pushed this error pops up: Please be sure that you are connected to the necessary servers and that your properties file settings are correct. Our server is listed on the top bar and there were no errors connecting to the server. The properties file settings have been filled in from the mysql database and have been checked multiple times. In the command box there seems to be an error in java, this is the msg: Exception in thread “AWT-Event Queue-0” java.lang.RuntimeException

It is followed by a lot of other lines similar with different java numbers.
I’m not sure what this means


This usually means that CPA can’t find the image files, and there is something incorrect about the Properties file (though I realize you have checked it). Can you load an image with Display -> Image? or is it specific to Classifier?

And, can you get it to work with the CPA Example Human image set?

Sorry for the delay in responding.