Error message after processed 420 images



I have an error message after finishing about 450 images. It show" C++ assertion “(itemid >=0&& itemid <KSHRT_Max) || )itemid>= wx_auto+lowest && itemid <= wx_AUTO_highest)* failed at …\src\common\menucmn.cpp (260) in wxMenuItembase:wxMenuBase():invaid itemid value”.
Please let me know if you have nay suggestion.




I face the same issue…

Did you find a solution ?
Or is anyone able to help us ?
thank you in advance


So far, I do not receive any solution. I have a total of 14112 images (96 well*49 images per well and three channels). I can process about 200 image sets and then has the error messages. I have to process the plate into several batches.

Let me know if you have any suggestion.




I guess you won’t see this problem if you close eyes while running the analysis pipeline. Let us know if you see this problem again.



Coulld you please let me know how to close eyes?


Click on them individually, or go to Window->Hide all windows on run.


Thank you so much and I will try to see if it helps.


After closing eyes, I still get the same error message !
Any other idea ?
thank you


After clsoing eyes, i was able to finish the pipeline.

Thanks for the help.



Using CellProfiler 3.1.5 and closing all eyes, I constantly get the same error message.
Attempts to reinstall CP do not change anything
Do you have any other way to solve that problem?
In advance thank you


After how many image sets do you get it? Can you try running in smaller batches?

Unfortunately, I doubt this problem will be solved entirely until we’re able to upgrade CP to wx4, which we’re workign on doing right now!