Error loading pipeline file




I recently upgraded my Mac to 10.13.6 and was not able to open the CellProfiler 3.0.0. program anymore. I downloaded the CellProfiler 3.1.5 but when I open the program I got the error message " *Error loading pipeline file - Could not find pipeline file: sn_0_2200089". I was able to run the program but when I double-clicked the *.cppipe file, it would not load the pipeline. I had to import the *.cppipe file each time I needed it. Is there a fix for this problem? Thanks!



Does this thread help? Error codesn_0_1573248

Aside from the nuisance of not being able to double click pipelines, does everything else run ok?


(For the doubleclicking problem, let’s add commentary to the more specific post here: Double Click doesn’t work for “.cppipe” and "“cpproj” files). Thanks for specifying what OS and CellProfiler version you are using because that should help diagnose!


Hi Anne,
Thanks for your response. Beside the double click issue, everything ran ok so far.


Ok, I will mark this as solved and let’s see if we make progress on the doubleclick issue!