Error Loading Opera Images into CP

I am trying to load images acquire on an Opera system into CP. There are 3 channels and 9 fields collected/well. I am trying to load images as tiffs using exact text matching “.tiff”. The top image of each well is visible in the input folder but when i try to load them I get the following error:
Error While Procesing LoadImages
Index:0, Size:0

Any suggestions?



Hi Lida,

Could you upload your pipeline plus an example image that refuses to load?


thanks for your help Mark. I was able to fix it by loading individual images. I used imageJ to unstack the 27 images in the well and then it ran fine. Is there a module to unstack image sets?

Ah, if the images were originally a stack, then yes there is. In LoadImages, select “tif, tiff, flex, zvi movies” from “File type to be loaded”. A new set of options will appear at bottom where you can define and name the individual channels. If you didn’t have this selected in the first place, this may be the reason for your original error message.