"Error loading classifier model"



Hi All-

I had a question regarding the functionality of saving a classifier model and opening it in a new Analyst session. I am able to do this with the Fast Gentle Boosting model, but none of the others work. The console tells me “Error loading classifier model” even when trying to load the model with the training set that generated it already loaded.

Any tips or suggestions? Is this functionality fully implemented? Ultimately I’d like to be able to train my model and apply it to a different data set. It’s frustrating because some of the models seem quite promising from the confusion matrices!



There are some known issues regarding non-FGB classifier algorithms in the current stable release; the nightly release may work better for your purposes until we have an updated stable.

I should also add that FastGentleBoosting works differently than the other classifier models, so I’m not sure that something trained in FastGentleBoosting can be used for the other algorithms and vice versa.

Good luck!


Switching to the nightly build did not help with this problem- I remain unable to save non-FGB models and reload them . I’ve tried this on a variety of training sets/models and it appears to simply not work.

To be clear about the second point: I was only pointing out that reloading a saved non-FGB model failed regardless of if I had a training set loaded or not.

Lastly, I noticed in the nightly build that a training set saved in CPA 2.2.1 could not be loaded. It gave me the following error:

TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘getitem



Very sorry to hear that! It sounds like some sort of bug- reporting it on the CPA github may help you get faster results getting it fixed. Sorry for the issue!


Hi, I’ve just tested this using CPA2.2.1 as well as the 2.3 nightly (both on Windows) with a RandomForest Classifier model that I saved in a previous session and wanted to load in a new session.

The problem persists, “Error loading classifier model”, but I could not get more info using different logging levels in CPA.
I’ve attached the model for reference. Thanks for your help!

170807-Carla.zip (17.8 KB)


Hi @bcimini @mbray,

I am sorry to bother again on this topic but it would really be very useful to me if I could reload a previously created model, but currently I can’t figure out how to do that. Is there any update on this ticket, or is there a configuration which is known to work?

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Sorry to bump this old thread, but has a solution been posted yet? I’ve searched for a while but haven’t come across anything. I’d also like to apply a saved classifier model to another dataset. Any help would be appreciated. I’m using CPA 2.2.1. Thanks!


Are you running CPA installed from source or the pre-built? My understanding is that this issue is fixed if you install from source and run the current master.