Error: Invalid image stream


I have just begun to use CP a couple of days ago, I manage to create a pipeline and to get it working in a Mac computer, however, if I try to run the pipeline in a PC (local or server), it just gives me the following error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “cellprofiler\pipeline.pyc”, line 309, in run
File “cellprofiler\modules\loadimages.pyc”, line 2074, in run
File “cellprofiler\modules\loadimages.pyc”, line 2774, in provide_image
File “cellprofiler\modules\loadimages.pyc”, line 2872, in load_using_bioformats
File “cellprofiler\utilities\jutil.pyc”, line 439, in method
File “cellprofiler\utilities\jutil.pyc”, line 377, in call
JavaException: Invalid image stream

Could you please help me with it? I can not run it in the Mac because then it tells me that it runs out of memory :frowning:

Thank you


Hi Nataly,

Would you be able to post the image and the pipeline that you are using to load it?


Hello Mark:

I began with your yeast colony counter and modify it a little, run well and then moved to whole plate, I was still trying to optimize, the steps run well in the Mac until the identify objects, that is where the computer runs out of memory. However, if I move to another computer, it gives the error.

Thank you so much for your help,

Nataly :smile:
platecounter.cp (15.8 KB)

Hi Nataly,

Your plate image is quite large, well over the 2000 x 2000 limit that we recommend here. I would suggest either sub-dividing the plate image into smaller images that can be processed, or perhaps move up to using a 64-bit computer that will give you more memory overhead.


Hello Mark:

Thank you, did not know about the limits, right now I am splitting the plate.

Thank you