Error installing 2.1.1-6c2d896 in Mac OSX 10.10.3


I have tried several times to install the latest release (2.1.1-6c2d896) in my Mac, which is running OSX 10.10.3.

I get the error depicted in the screen shot.

I couldn’t find a similar topic in the forum.

Any idea or suggestions?





I’m not sure about this error. We could try and debug it further (Console output?) but at this point, 1.3 years later after the last release, I’d say you should try our trunk build here:
It is quite stable and much more likely to work well with Yosemite, and is reasonably similar to our next release version, coming soon.

Alternatively if you had CP going on this machine before and really wanted the 2.1.1 release, you could try deleting (or renaming) the file ~/Library/Preferences/CellProfilerLocal.cfg and then restart CellProfiler.

Hope that helps,

Hi David!

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Unfortunately I get the same error while trying to install the trunk build, this is what I get from the console:

02/11/15 09:30:01,497 Installer[79169]: The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.

I tried to look for the .cfg file, but I cannot find it in the Preferences within the Library.

Sorry for bothering about this, I just don’t really get it.

Thanks in advance again!



Hi Jordi,

To be clear the cfg file is in your Users directory, i.e. note the tilde in ~/Library/Preferences/CellProfilerLocal.cfg . So look in /Users//Library/Preferences/CellProfilerLocal.cfg

Can you move or delete this file and try again? If it’s really not there, then I’m stumped.