Error instalation linux cell profiler version 1.0.482



We have downloaded (09/17/07) the latest version of cellprofiler to install on our linux platform but we get the following error:

linux:~/linux_Cellprofilerv1.0.4828 # ./Cellprofiler./Cellprofiler: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory

Do you have a possible solution to this problem?

thanks for your help


I have reposted the Linux version to the website. You will find that it has the CellProfiler.command file.


Hello martha,

Thanks for the reposting. However, although the Cellprofiler.command file is included yet the MRC file is not. As a conseqeunce we cannot run cellprofiler.

Can you fix this as well?

Thanks for your help


Sorry! Please try and download it, again.


Hello Martha,

We can run the 64bit version of Cellprofiler on our linux platform. We had to fix the command line to the following:


We will test with a large dataset coming days.

Thanks for your help