Error in working with DiameterJ

I have installed Fiji and also copied the diameterJ folders in the plugin folder. after loading the image and converting it into an 8 bit image I am trying to segment it using diameterJ but a small window pops up reading ( Macro error, undefined variable in line 156, var path0=<myDir1 + name[0]:wink: the same problem appears when i try to apply diameterj on a binary image.
Could anyone please help to fix this issue.

Abdul Moqeet

I’m having the same issues as well and have yet to find a solution…

Im in the same situation guys

With newer versions of ImageJ/FIJI the ability of DiameterJ to analyze a single image is broken. I have moved on from the project so I have to do updates in my free time these days and over the last year I’ve been too busy to make any updates. Apologies. However, I do believe if you select yes to analyzing multiple images and have at least two images in a directory that you’d like to analyze the above error won’t occur. As a work around if you have two images, just copy and paste the same image in the directory twice.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience, as soon as I get the time I’ll update the code. Right now its written in the macro language of ImageJ. This summer I intend to update to native JAVA and that should help build more robustness into tool. Again apologies for the work around and let me know if the above doesn’t solve the problem.

Also, as an unrelated aside, I HEAVILY recommend everyone use FIJI for image analysis rather than ImageJ as ImageJ is no longer in active development.

Please see my answer on this page, DiameterJ will not run segmentation or analysis plugin.

Sorry for the inconvenience and let me know on that thread if the trick I describe works to solve this problem.