Error in start CellProfiler.m file

I tried to run uncompiled CellProfiler v.1, on Matlab R2014b, but CellProfiler.m was stopped at splash screen and display following error messages in main command window.

Error using get
There is no Behavior property on the UIControl class.

Error in CellProfiler>CellProfiler_LayoutFcn (line 5826)
h3 = uicontrol(…

Error in CellProfiler>gui_mainfcn (line 6356)
gui_hFigure = feval(gui_State.gui_LayoutFcn,

Error in CellProfiler (line 56)
gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});

Error in run (line 63)
evalin(‘caller’, [script ‘;’]);

System: Mac OSX 10.10.1 64 bit
CellProfiler version: 1.0.7522, Uncompiled

Uncompiled CellProfiler v.1 was installed according to “CellProfiler Installation Guide: Developer’s Version” (p.7 of CellProfilerManual.pdf).

Thanks for your help.


Hi Kenji,

It appears that MATLAB 2014b has introduced a new way of doing graphics which may account for some breakage: … 0/issues/3), but it’s unlikely this will be fixed by us anytime soon given our recent work on version 2.1 and above.

Which begs the question: Is there any particular reason you’ve chosen not to use the new versions?

Dear Kenji,

I can confirm the problem. My personal experience with MATLAB 2014b UI compatibility with former releases is actually relatively poor: in my own code, several standard operations like using a figure handle for printing fail with R2014b. Admittedly I did not check how much work it would actually be to make CP1 R2014b-ready, but my gut feeling is that its not worth it (given that CP1 works very well with all prior releases, and there is no major benefit in Matlab R2014b over older releases that I would be aware of, and given that CP2 is out and about for quite a while now)?!

Do you need to use R2014b urgently, or could you also use an older Matlab release like R2014a (that works fine)? Or did you try CellProfiler 2?

Cheers, Mario

Thank you very much for your reply.
I confirmed that CP1.0 run in matlab 2014a.

I know the benefit of CP2.1 and usually use it, but some modules created by others were written in matlab and unable to run on CP2.x.
(same modules discussed in CellProfiler 1.0 -> 2.0 module conversions?)