Error In pip install deeplabcut


Hello, I am new to this system and am attempting to install deeplabcut onto my Windows 10 computer.

During the installation I seem to run into the following error:

Would anyone know how to remedy this? Thank you for your time.



I would recommend using the conda environment files provided. They work for me in windows 10. Just download the one you need (CPU or GPU, e.g. dlc-windowsGPU.yaml, and type conda env create -f dlc-windowsGPU.yaml while in the folder where you saved the file. see:

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Thank you for that information. I followed the steps indicated on that site and was able to download everything. But I have now run into a new issue in that I can not import DeepLabCut. When I go to python and import DeepLabCut, a window pops up and gives me the following error. It looks as thought it can’t find the file, but following the path shown in the error I confirmed that it is there.