Error in ExportToSpreadsheet when RelateObjects produces empty set

In CellProfiler 3.1.8 I get an error: “Encountered unrecoverable error in ExportToSpreadsheet during post-processing: Feature Count_ABobj for Image does not exist”.
In this simple pipeline I have three objects A, B, C. First I relate A and B but since they are non-overlapping the result is empty. Then I relate AB to C. Another issue is what happens to the ABC object? When I use select measurements in ExportToSpreadsheet I cannot see the ABC object.RelateObjects.cpproj (666.6 KB)


RelateObject module works if parent and child objects are overlapping or even have partial overlap. This is why you are getting an error

Yes, but since for many applications you cannot guarantee that you will always have an overlap and then you still want the program to continue and not get an error message.

Anyone from the CellProfiler team who has read this? I regard this as a bug, since the program execution is interrupted if there is no overlap.

Dear PetterRanefall,

In your pipeline you first RelateObject module output is ABobj which had not be found. Basically there is no relation found between A & B. So if there is no ABobj is not there then second RelateObject module may have a problem because you are trying to relate two things in which one is not there. Could you please share your images?

Fujfilm Wako Automation (Consultant)

Dear Lakshmi,
Thanks for your reply. The example images are the ones shown above. The problem is that the program execution stops if the result is empty. I think this should be handled in a more controlled way so that the program can finish.

This problem seems to have been fixed inCellProfiler 3.1.9. Thanks!