Error in ExporttoDatabse Postprocess

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I wanted to use CellProfiler to get the necessary files to run CPA. Therefor I integrated the ExporttoDatabase Module into the pipeline.

The analysis of my images seems to work fine but at the postprocess of ExporttoDatabase I get the error “‘ascii’ codec can’t decode byte 0xff in position 266: ordinal not in range(128)”. When I look at the output folder I find the data of all modules before (like overlay images etc.) and the output of ExporttoDatabase (per_image, per_object etc.) are missing.

I know this problem is described in the FAQ. There you write that I probably use a non-ASCII character (in my case a &yuml) in the paths of default input/output folders or plugins/temporary folder but there is nothing like that in these paths. I tried to run on different paths but always I get the same error. The only change I can observe is when I start the analysis with selected “No” at “Create a CellProfiler Analyst properties file?”, then I get the same error but with position 0 instead of 266.

Is that a problem of the software or did I just make some wrong configurations in the modules of the pipeline?

I never used CellProfiler before so please note that I’m not very experienced.

Thanks for you help!


This is a current known bug in CP 3.1.5, we’re working to try to fix it. Unfortunately until then, you may need to stick to CP 3.0.0

With CP 3.0.0 it works. Thank you!!! :slight_smile:


I have the same issue for CA 3.1.8 at postprocess of ExporttoDatabase.
The MacOS I am running is 10.14.3

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A followup, when Datatype set as “SQLite”, three files could be exported, i.e. DefaultDB.db,, and DefaultDB.workspace.