Error in "Create combined training image"

Dear Pros,
In m9 I was successfuly using “Create region annotation” and then Create combined training image. After the last update to m11 I am getting
ERROR: No suitable annotations found in the current project!

Do you have any idea what could be the reason and how can I avoid it?

It doesn’t look like you have any class assigned to those annotations, which class did you chose to create your training image?

Also note that if you have not Saved your data, there are no objects to use to create the training image.

I used Unclassified Class to collect regions from different images and build uniformed classifier.
I did save data, but it did not help unfortunately.
I attached the printscreens.

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This looks like a bug – but assigning classifications to the regions should work around this.

@Alice_in_multiplex thanks for reporting this, it should be fixed in the next release:

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@petebankhead I’ve also had the same error. I assigned classes to the two annotations to “work around” the issue as suggested, but I still get the same error. Please advise. I’m using QuPath version 0.2.3 on 64bit Windows 10 laptop.

@Snehal_Patel Did you save the image after classifying the annotations?

You also need to select the classification from the drop-down list in the dialog. See Pixel classification — QuPath 0.2.3 documentation for details.

The original bug should already have been fixed in v0.2.3.


I wanted to mention that you need a single class across ALL annotations you want to add. The two rectangles you have are different classes (Tumor and Other), and so should not work with this command (or only one of them will).

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@petebankhead Oops! Yes, I did forget to save. Thanks for the reminder and the link to the documentation.

@Research_Associate Thank you! It works :slight_smile: