Error drag'n'drop Fiji can not open series of tiff stacks


I created a series of tiff stacks with numpy / tifffile and now would like to read them as a virtual stack (all concatenated in a single dimension) into Fiji.

When I drag’n’drop the containing folder in the Window the “Open folder” window pops-up and I check “Use Virtual Stack” since the data does not fit into RAM.

After pressing “OK”, the error log pops-up with this message:

[ERROR]  *** One or more readers is misbehaving. See the debug output for more information. e.g.: -> java.lang.NullPointerException('null') ***
Reading IFDs
Populating metadata
Checking comment style
Populating OME metadata

and all stacks are loaded shown individually in separate Fiji windows.

This should be a very straight forward workflow, but now I already spent way too much time on it.

Best wishes,

After using a fresh fiji download the error persisted.

I now ended up, creating a (very large) uint8 tiff file via python (fits into memory) and reading it in bulk in fiji. Not optimal, but solved my problem.