Error caught at TiCOMWrappers.cpp:38 [ Windows COM error 0x80020005: Type mismatch. ] (25001)

Dear community,

I ran into this kind of err that cause the crush of micro manager. This err occurs after running the MDA (time lapse) for >12hours. So it is some kind of stability issue. I try to upload the err log, but the file is too large (75M) so I truncated the middle error free part out.Problem Report222.txt (3.9 MB) Google cannot find detailed information about this err. Any suggestion how to get around and avoid it? Thanks in advance!


Thanks for reporting this. As you may have guessed it has to do with control of the Nikon Ti. I’m afraid I don’t have any good suggestions – there is a good chance that the error occurs inside Nikon’s driver. You could try updating the scope’s firmware and driver (contact your Nikon rep for the firmware), just in case. (Only Nikon knows the differences between versions.)