Error by opening other Plugin in my own code


I have the following problem:
If I want to start a plugin (not a preinstalled plugin from ImageJ, a downloaded one: ) I get the following Error if I start my Plugin:

My code is:, “Extended Particle Analyzer”, " show=Nothing redirect=None keep=None display summarize");

I use Eclipse to program my Plugin. Can anybody help me?


Hi @stefan_erben,

may we have a look in your POM file, if you have one? I could imagine, that a dependency is outdated…


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Hi @haesleinhuepf ,

Sorry I don’t know how I can find my POM file :confused: How can I find it?


I thought, If you run it from eclipse, there may be a pom.xml file in the root of your project folder? If not, do you by chance know, where to configure the version of ImageJ which is runned from your Eclipse?

The point is, according to your screenshot, you run ImageJ 1.47v, which is from July 2013. This should be updated as we are running on something like 1.50i or 1.51e these days …

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Yeah I see, it 1.47, which I get from by professor… I should update it! I will do it and look if I get the same error with the new version.
Thanks for your fast reply



Thank you, now the plugin is started :slight_smile:

But I get the following error message:

I hope you could help me with this problem,

Best regards

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From the error message (that would’ve been much easier to read if you just pasted the text here, instead of the screenshot), you can see that the error occurs in this line:

This suggests that a) you’re invoking the plugin in a way that was not intended by its author, or b) there might be a bug in the Extended Particle Analyzer plugin. In either case, @biovoxxel might be able to help here.

It might also help if you post (or link) your own source code here.

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I will check it out and try to find the problem and solution asap

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