Equidistant contour lines plugin

Hello everybody,

I wrote equidistant contour lines generating plugin for ImageJ/Fiji. It adds to overlay (so you can transfer it to RoiManager if you want) contour lines of images. Comparing to Contour Plotter it is a bit easier in my opinion, since there is no need to specify intensity levels.
Plus it can color code it with any LUT.

Source code, details and description

Example 1

Example 2

It helps to see intensity changes in wide dynamic range that do not fit well into image LUT (spots on top and bottom).


Looks nice ! and the repo is well documented :hugs:

What about putting it on an update site ? so that it is even easier for users to install. Let us know if you need some help with that :wink:

This will be useful. Thanks for the response.

Dee Brink

Thanks for the compliments and suggestion, I’ve added it to the update site!