Epidermal Cell Counts - Make nearby particles coalesce

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I’m creating an analysis pipeline to take 400x micrographs of epidermal impressions. The outlines of epidermal cells adjacent to stomata are not easily detected due to the drying of the nailpolish I used to make the impressions. When I threshold & make the image binary, the cells adjacent to the stomata come out as lots of little particles.

I would like to coalesce these particles so that the particle analysis counts them as one.

Any suggestions for a method to clump these particles together?

Here is a link to the original image, the image that particle analyzer counts from, and the results of a particle analysis.

Epidermal Cell Counting

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If it helps, here is a text version of my protocol:
Load image
Threshold > percentile threshold method
Make Binary
Binary > Open
Binary > Fill Holes
Analyze Particles
Size (pixel^2) = 800 – Infinity
Circularity = 0-1
Show Outlines
Include Holes

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Hello Karl,

Without being an expert it is hard to say where the borders of the difficult cells are. Maybe you can try using the Trainable Weka Segmentation plugin. I would convert the image to grayscale and start by using just a few image features.

Another option, if you can live without counting those cells, would be to set the particle analyzer so it skips small regions.