Enlarging multiple points selected with "multi-point"-tool

Dear all,

a feature which worked in older versions of Fiji/ImageJ, which does not seem to work in the new version:
after placing multiple points in an image using the “multi-point”-tool I could enlarge all of them using the enlarge function (Edit-Selection-Enlarge), so if I had marked e.g. 10 positions in an image I ended up with 10 circles if I enlarged by 10 pixels. When doing the same thing in Fiji with ImageJ 1.51a I get only 1 circle.
Hope this explanation is clear and somebody knows how to do this in the new version.

Thanks a lot

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Indeed, I can confirm this bug as well. With ImageJ 1.50i and 1.51a it does not work, but with 1.49v it works. I see also that “Create Mask” creates a mask with only one point in the problematic versions, whereas 1.49v creates a mask where each point of the multi-point selection has a point in the mask as expected.

@Wayne Any idea what may have changed during the 1.50 series to cause this?

These 1.50d regressions are fixed in the latest ImageJ daily build (1.51b28).