Enclosed volume measure using BoneJ

Continuing the discussion from Particle Analyser - “Volume” and “Enclosed Volume": I found this topic searching for the best procedure to measure an enclosed volume, but I need some help to better understand the way this work. Particularly, I want to know how to use the Volume Fraction plugin in BoneJ (with the mesh-based method), to measure the volume of a hollowed area (cavity) inside any structure, for example, the vault of a skull. Is the volume of the hollowed area integrated to the BV value? Thank you in advance.

Hi Mari,

If the hollow area is hollow in the image i.e. background, then it won’t be included to the surface volume. The mesh is only constructed from foreground voxels. Should you want to include the hollow space, you could fill in the space with the foreground colour in your image before passing it to Volume Fraction.

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Hi! Thank you very much. I think your answer solve my problem. If I understood properly, I should calculate the difference between the filled and non-filled structure volumes in order to know the volume of the hollow area…

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