Enabling method tooltips in scijava-jupyter-kernel

Hi all,
One incredibly useful feature of Jupyter notebooks running the Python kernel is the ability to see function docstrings inside a tooltip that is displayed by pressing Shift-Tab after a method name and a left parenthesis. For example, if I want to see the docstring for print(), I enter print( into a cell and press Shift-Tab to see its docstring. I can also expand the size of the tooltip by pressing Shift-Tab twice and pin it to the browser window by Shift-Tab three times.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this feature is available for viewing method javadocs in the scijava-jupyter-kernel. My questions are:

  1. Is there a fundamental reason why this feature is not present, i.e. is it somehow incompatible with Java-based kernels?
  2. Is it a planned feature for the scijava-jupyter-kernel?

I would be happy to help with its implementation, too, so if anyone could point out any resources for moving forward with this then I would be grateful.


Indeed that would be a really nice feature to have (note that we already have a basic autocompletion feature). The SJK is based on the Beakerx kernel for all the things related to kernel communication. So if Beakerx has this feature, it should be easy to implement it in the SJK.

Unfortunately, I probably won’t work on the kernel anytime soon…

Note that the current SJK is based on a specific Beakerx version. If you need to update it to the most recent Beakerx version, it’s ok but be aware that the Beakerx API is unstable and so you might need to fix the SJK to match the most recent API.

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Also here is the class that receives the Autocompletion signal. I guess a similar signal is sent for a Shift-Tab signal…

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