Eliminate out of focus cells

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I have some out-of-focus cells in the background. Therefore they are identified as cells and affected correct segmentation of other cells. How can I remove them? I am using Identify primary object - Otsu - Three classes - Background. smoothing scale is 1.3488. The correction factor is 1.17. Method to distinguish clumped object is intensity. Method to dividing clumped object is shape .Thank you in advance.

Hi @AngelaRW,

Just from the screenshot, the original image looks color and you may have to convert to grey scale. Further to overcome your problem I can suggest some smoothing steps might be required like “Smooth” module with mdian filter before segmenting the cells. There are image filters module like “FlagImage” to discard the complete image, but if you want to filter only the object check of “FilterObjects” module.

If you can upload you sample image & your pipeline we can halep you better.