Eliminate area in TMA dearrayer Qupath

QuPath 2.0

I am performing an immunohistochemical analysis on QuPath 2.0 (DAB, nuclear staining and membrane) in TMA. I need to eliminate some interfering areas within the area previously selected with “TMA dearrayer”. How could I do it to remove a section of that annotation?

Thank you very much for your help

As you’ll have seen, the dearrayer currently only gives ellipses.

If you need another shape, you can run Simple tissue detection within the dearrayed cores to map the tissue more accurately. If these regions need further refinement, you can select a tissue annotation, right-click and ‘Unlock’ it, the further refine it using the Brush or Wand tool. It’s usually a good idea to ‘Lock’ the annotation again afterwards.

I’m not sure if this answers your question, as I’m not sure how far you’ve got with this and what bit exactly is troublesome.