Electron microscopy images




I heard about cell profiler at the last ASCB meeting in December. we have been looking for such a software for quite a while now and yours seems very exciting. I have a couple of questions, very basic.

we are mainly using fixed mammalian tissues for IF, IHC, H&E, …, and EM. Have you tried to use CellProfiler on such samples? We would mainly like to be able to measure cell (or organite) size.

I have tried, but have not been very successful.

help please! :smile:



Hi Benoit,

Tissues are very hard to analyze, but we have had moderate success with some samples. If you can post an image somewhere on the web, I can see if I can get something working.



Hi Mike!

Unfortunately, I do not have access to a web portal to post images on the web. Is there any way to send you images?



Hi Benoit,

I’m sorry, but I cannot accept images through e-mail. I have a rather low limit and it must be reserved for my own labs work and collaborations. There are many free web pages available to choose from. If you sign up and post your images, when I have some free time I’ll check them out!