Editing thresholder

Hi, I’m rather new here and this may be a basic question, but I can’t find the list of thresholds, for both to see the parameters chosen and/or to edit it. After all that work finding the right parameters would like to be able to fine-tune them instead of starting from scratch. Thanks

If you look in the classifiers folder within your QuPath project folder, can you open the files in a text editor?
They should look like this:

Which shows that my CD3.json classifier had a threshold of 10.0 using the Subcellular channel 2 spots estimate.

Though I agree, as I just did a 6plex, that it would be nice to be able to load a classifier into the classifier editor (of the same type).

Thanks a lot. I was going crazy looking for it. So it is not possible to edit them, the best I can hope is to make a new one with those parameters. Threshold creation is not recorded in workflow either right? Thanks again very helpful.

I mean, I guess you can edit the text file directly, but I am not sure how much that helps live since you probably want feedback from what is or isn’t thresholded. @petebankhead would know better, but as far as I know, the JSON file is it.

Yes, I’m afraid the thresholding parameters currently aren’t visible in the user interface – you need to get them from the JSON.

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