Editing DICOM tag

I’m using imageJ to do a java program.
I would like to be able to change the DICOM tag, like Patient’s name from Paul to Mike and save the cange.

My final goal is in being able to work with DICONDE, imageJ can work pretty well even if there is some change to the names of the associations, in fact, “Patient’s name” would be “component’s name”.

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Sorry that your post has remained unanswered so far.

Did you have a look at the DICOM page on the wiki?

In particular the Tudor DicomTools should allow your changing the DICOM header. From that page:

It is possible to change the DICOM metadata for example to anonymize images or fix metadata related problems. Header data can be used in conditions to take decisions depending on the provided data. Headers can be viewed as text or hexadeximal values for debugging purposes. A comparison of headers from different files is possible too.